Isn’t that precious? The progressive Women’s Media Center is using the #istandwithsecupp‬ hashtag.

The Women’s Media Center jumped at the chance to rush ever so gallantly to S.E. Cupp’s aid after Hustler attempted to silence her conservative views by Photoshopping a “d*ck in her mouth.” But as we pointed out yesterday, there’s an ulterior motive behind “support” from progressive feminist organizations.

This is just another attempt to cover their own behinds and to appear “fair” and “above it all.” It’s so they can say “see? We are totally for the women, even the icky, non-authentic ones.”

And that’s just what the Women’s Media Center did when it issued a press release and petition in support of Cupp.

Teri Christoph, co-founder of Smart Girl Politics, took the organization to task for its backhanded support.

From the Women’s Media Center petition:

We can and do disagree with Cupp’s position on women’s need for access to the healthcare services provided by Planned Parenthood, among other issues. Only last week, Women’s Media Center called out her characterization of the Violence Against Women Act as a “redundancy.” But the Hustler image seeks to deny her participation in public dialogue entirely, in a way that crosses all boundaries of taste and conscience.

Hmm. “Deny her participation in public dialogue entirely” — isn’t that what the Women’s Media Center tried to do to Rush Limbaugh when co-founders Robin Morgan and Gloria Steinem called for the FCC to “clear Limbaugh from airwaves“? Morgan and Steinem are completely willing to voice their tepid support for conservative free speech — if it gets them press.

Like the petition, the press release amounted to “Aren’t we awesome for calling out Hustler even though we despise Cupp and everything she believes?” The feminist Left’s loathing of Cupp’s politics was emphasized repeatedly.

The press release included this statement from Morgan:

The Women’s Media Center was founded to confront precisely this kind of vicious, unfunny, destructive representation of female human beings–whatever their political position, and whether or not we agree with it.

Completely unsurprising that she qualified her statement by mentioning political positions she disagrees with. She did the same thing this morning when she when gave the cretinous Roseanne Barr a friendly rap on the wrist for saying any defense of Cupp is worse than what Hustler did.

Also included was this quote from Julie Burton, president of the Women’s Media Center:

As a pro-choice, feminist organization, we do not agree with Ms. Cupp’s stance.

Our stance has always been that from Gloria Steinem to Sarah Palin, a woman’s political opinions, whatever they are, should never be met with sexist attacks.

Anyone recall the Women’s Media Center being a leading voice when Sarah Palin and her daughters endured reprehensible sexist attacks on a daily basis? Anyone? Infrequent lip service doesn’t count.

Did we miss the press release condemning President Obama’s super PAC for accepting a donation from Pig Maher? We seem to recall ShePAC bringing his misogynist attacks to the attention of Steinem, Morgan, and fellow comrade in arms Jane Fonda.

Maybe it’s more important for Steinem and Fonda to secure repeat invites to appear on Maher’s show.

The Women’s Media Center and Gloria “one free grope for Clinton” Steinem continue to turn a blind eye to the vast majority of liberal misogyny.

Feminist groups selectively issue their occasional hollow condemnations as cover for their frequent silence when conservative women are attacked. And they do it to bolster their dominance on issues related to women. It’s a play for continued relevance in a time when liberal feminism is circling the drain.

Your empty words and disclaimers about revolting conservative political views? Thanks, but no thanks. Conservatives aren’t interested.


The Women’s Media Center responded to SGP’s Teri Christoph: