Via ABC News, a eulogy for the Barack Obama who railed against “politics as usual.” Could it be that the lapdog media have lost that lovin’ feeling? Nah:

The 2004 version of Barack Obama, who captured the nation with a dazzling speech about unity and went on to win the presidency on a message of hope, died on Monday. He was 8 years old.

The cause of death appeared to be a bitter realization that he needed to win reelection in an increasingly partisan political environment, a cancer that he had been battling for months if not years.

Obama’s illness got the best of him late Monday, as he announced that his campaign for four more years in the White House would be based not on optimism, but rather the shady corporate record of his opponent, Mitt Romney, who ran a private-equity firm that few Americans knew about before this year.

Died on … Monday? Seriously? Because we haven’t exactly been feeling the optimism and bipartisanship since President “I Won” took office.

Brutal? Maybe on the surface. It’s a fun read, but this memorial for hopey changey Obama strikes us as a not-so-cleverly veiled attempt to excuse the president’s embrace of negative campaigning and flip-flop on super PACs.

Later in his presidency, Obama would crusade against a Supreme Court decision that allowed so-called super PACs to raise and spend unlimited amounts of money on election ads. He said the decision would corrupt American politics, but after his rivals took advantage of the system, he abandoned his ideological view and embraced his own super PAC, even sending his cabinet secretaries to fundraisers for it.

Aw, poor beleaguered Obama has been forced to play the icky Republican political game. It’s not his fault. Besides, they do it too!

Those feelings of isolation solidified in recent months as the 2012 campaign kicked up a gear — Romney campaigning every day against Obama, and a pro-Romney super PAC spending millions of dollars on negative ads

Still, it’s worth noting when a mainstream news outlet acknowledges Obama’s negative approach to campaigning, even if the writer does take swipes at Romney and Republicans along the way.

Time for some more motivational posters from Team Obama?