Rut roh. Looks like the former green jobs czar didn’t get the Obama administration’s latest “toeing the line” memo.

Just hours after Newark Mayor Cory Booker took to Twitter and “The Rachel Maddow Show” to walk back his blasphemous private equity remarks, Jones defended Booker’s right to speak his mind.

Silly Van. That’s not allowed. Now get back in the kitchen and make Obama a sammich. Extra arugula, please.

Could it be that Jones is the newest member of Team #FreeCoryBooker? Or is this an opportunistic play to score invites to a couple of prime time cable news shows this week?

Either way, Jones’ tweet left a few conservatives feeling a little out of sorts:!/stephenkruiser/status/204807871219765248!/scotters/status/204808740141146112

Things you don’t say every day: we agree with Van Jones.