Conservatives cringed when Gingrich and Perry launched their anti-“vulture capitalist” attacks on Romney during the GOP primary, knowing Romney’s opponents were drafting a general election blueprint for Obama. With much of the oppo research already done, Team Obama can’t get enough of Bain Capital-based attacks.

Today, the Left is gleefully using Newt Gingrich’s Monday appearance on Piers Morgan’s show as evidence that Bain attacks are fair game.!/thinkprogress/status/204740736124596225!/NowMediaScott/status/204742356866568192

See, you have a Cory Booker-style turncoat too, righties! Disunity in the Republican ranks!

Sigh. In actuality, Gingrich’s point was this:!/rickklein/status/204892582386470912!/richgalen/status/204904655849914368!/ethanklapper/status/204740998163726340

But the fact remains that Gingrich and Perry did smooth the path for Obama, and as conservatives predicted, their words are coming back to haunt them:

Democratic super PAC Priorities USA wasted no time in putting out a video reminder of how Romney’s opponents went after him on Bain.!/michaelpfalcone/status/204896248187207681

So Gingrich’s concern trolling on Bain is going to be about as effective as his primary campaign. Some of his other points in the interview were more on target:

How can you be the president with the worst unemployment record since the Great Depression — the longest period of deep unemployment since the 1930s, and pick a fight over job creation?

Stick to that, Newt.