New York Times race-baiter Charles Blow and progressive reporter Adam Serwer tangled with the wrong woman on Twitter this morning. Their failure was understandable, really. It’s hard to come up with witty retorts when it’s time for a diaper change.

Serwer opted for the ever popular “haha, your website’s stupid” tweet to Michelle Malkin:

Michelle and Twitchy Team for the win:

Since that GigaOM article was published, Twitter has moved even further into the curation business by posting a job opening for a sports content curator. Twitter so dumb!

Awww. Are meanie pants conservatives trampling your widdle narrative blankie?

Earlier this morning, Charles Blow had an itchy diaper of his own.

Apparently he can’t handle a little bit of snark before his morning bottle.

In reply, Blow made the mistake of proving himself the condescending elitist he is.

Let the stomping begin!

As conservatives continue to derail and shred the lapdog media’s narratives, expect plenty more cranky pants whining and even more delicious stomping.