Nominations are now open for the Breitbart Awards, a joint effort by the Heritage Foundation and the Franklin Center to recognize individuals who “advance the spirit of Andrew Breitbart’s work.”

Naturally, so-called journalists like Joan Walsh tried ever so pathetically to ridicule Breitbart and the awards honoring his legacy. We’d expect nothing else. Walsh is clearly still smarting from having to admit—with certitude—that Breitbart made her “look kind of stupid” for defending Anthony Weiner.

Actually, Walsh is probably still licking her Rathergate wounds along with the other media lapdogs in the kennel. When Dan Rather was forced into early retirement by bloggers doing the mainstream media’s job, she wrote:

[B]loggers today only play journalists on the web, without the commitment to fairness and accuracy that still distinguishes the best of the MSM.

Guess you can’t teach an old lapdog new tricks.

Other liberal water carriers also tried to ridicule the Breitbart Awards.

Aw man, wish we had the time to catalog every lie told by Soros monkey Eric Boehlert. But why bother? Just check his Twitter feed on any day ending in a “y.”

Well if that isn’t the crackpot calling the kettle black. Clearly the kettle is so squeaky clean the crackpot can see its own reflection.

These tweets read like an index of people who will never have journalism awards named after them—well, unless someone launches a journalism Razzies.

On Saturday, Breitbart News editor John Nolte vented on Twitter about the glaring differences between “real journalist” Andrew Breitbart and the hacks and shills that populate the lapdog media: