During a Fox News appearance today, Alan Colmes trashed the Tea Party Movement, trying desperately to make it look more dangerous than his Occupy soul mates.

And really, who can blame him? All those arrests at Tea Party rallies really make the movement look bad. And the rapes, assaults, public defecation, terrorist plots, burglaries, and vandalism? Oof. How could that not leave a mark?

Oh, wait. Our bad. That was all Occupy. Or maybe Colmes thinks they were agent provocateurs sent in by the “tea baggers”?

Colmes also railed against the MSM. Okay, we can get behind that. But not for this reason:

Those meanies in the MSM are making his Occupy BFFs look bad. By occasionally reporting on some of the violence and property damage caused by Occupiers.

Colmes used the appearance to boost his beloved Occupy Movement, defend the Chicago agitators and, of course, make absurd statements about the Tea Party.

Perhaps he should have a look at some of Twitchy’s weekend coverage of the anti-NATO protests in Chicago. They’re just like the rest of America, right Alan?

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