The Romney campaign has released a short new ad featuring its vision for the first day of a Romney presidency.

RedState has the transcript.!/mattklewis/status/203467196687585280!/mattklewis/status/203478952981958657!/Doc_0/statuses/203503815440338947!/chuck_dizzle/status/203473540127801344!/philaroneanu/status/203512971698253824

The lefty spin machine doesn’t seem to be able to do much with the ad:!/ThePlumLineGS/status/203452394997166081

Really, that’s the best you’ve got?!/owillis/status/203485386352246786!/owillis/status/203486977100754944!/LOLGOP/status/203464372599795713!/evanmcmurry/status/203506551716192256

He’d rather not say? Romney makes three commitments in the ad. We guess English is hard for some people.

Instead of hitting back at the ad, DNC staffers are pushing a new video called “The Bane of Romney’s Existence.”!/woodhouseb/statuses/203465692748578816

See what they did there? Bane … Bain … get it? We’d bet cash money they gather ’round the water cooler cackling at the cleverness of the most obvious wordplay ever.

Here’s the ad: