From Barr’s latest cuckoo pants rant:

I will press the Rothschild family to move the UN itself to Jerusalem, and make Jerusalem an International City-governed by a three way Tribunal of Abrahamics- Jewish, Christian and Muslim-and I will, encourage all parties to use private donations from Abrahamic billionaires to build a City of Human Cooperation, Love, and Dignity for all peoples who long for Just Cause/Just Law on Earth-where the true history of Jerusalem itself can be told-including the 6000 year old Jewish Longing for Utopian Law not poisoned by anti semitism can actually exist on earth, and shine brightly in Peace forever.

Now, does Roseanne have to clear this with the Bilderbergs and the Trilateral Commission first, or must she risk life and limb by going straight to the Rothschild banksters to get her policies implemented? And what about The Illuminati? Surely those masterminds of the New World Order won’t just sit back and let this happen.

Barr/Tyson 2012: a Zionist in every pot, a tin foil hat on every head.