Breaking news from the liberal clown car. Let the giggle-snorting begin! It’s hilarious that this tweet even exists, that it needs to exist.

EMILY’s List is a pro-abortion PAC that supports Media Matters’ “Stop Rush” campaign. (“Friend to women”? Bull.)!/emilyslist/status/200356991472898048

Angie’s List is one of the companies targeted by “Stop Rush” for advertising on Rush Limbaugh’s program.

Geez, liberals. We know you think all women are defined by their lady parts, making them completely interchangeable. But try to get these women’s names straight.

So what prompted @Shoq’s tweet? Is the astroturfed hush Rush crowd mistakenly targeting progressive darling EMILY’s List? Seems that way:!/FromTulsa/status/199929461146259456

Hey, if progressive feminists want to boycott EMILY’s List, who are we to interfere? Carry on!