Star Jones isn’t much of a Mitt Romney fan. But this morning, the former View co-host announced she’s had it with all the media focus on absurd sideshows like Romney’s prep school days.!/StarJonesEsq/status/200949217932476417!/StarJonesEsq/status/200949505569464321!/StarJonesEsq/status/200950022068649984!/StarJonesEsq/status/200950501083320321!/StarJonesEsq/status/200950632608309249

Gee, who could she possibly mean? You don’t think one of our presidential candidates smoked pot, do you?!/StarJonesEsq/status/200951284621258753

Real issues? When there are squirrels to chase?!/StarJonesEsq/status/200952312343166976!/StarJonesEsq/status/200953792156549120!/StarJonesEsq/status/200954070041759745!/StarJonesEsq/status/200954910324441088

Okay, so conservatives might not win Star Jones over anytime soon. But we appreciate her willingness to call out the media for manufacturing distraction after distraction and smear after smear.