Earlier this week we posted @ExJon’s deliciously creepy spoof of a “Women for Obama” campaign poster.

Apparently we were spot-on when we called the Julia-inspired image “eerily accurate,” because a couple of liberals responded as if it was a genuine campaign poster.

One Twitter user with an Obama 2012 avatar retweeted a link to the poster:

Sure, retweets don’t necessarily equal endorsements, but this frequent retweeter of Obama for America LA didn’t follow up with any acknowledgement that he knew the image was a spoof. Instead, his next tweet was a link to a Nation article about the War on Women.

And then one about Arizona’s “massacre” of women’s rights.

But our favorite endorsement of women’s obedience to Obama was this one from a woman who calls herself “a middle aged woman who loves politics. Liberal!”:


We almost hate to ruin the fun by pointing out (again) that this poster is a brilliant mockery of Obama’s stable of adoring Julias, but these tweets were too good not to share. Let us know if you come across any others.