Roseanne might be getting a little ahead of herself here. Understandable, what with the 72 votes she got as a write-in candidate in the D.C. Green Party primary.

No word from Willie Nelson on whether he’ll accept.!/TheRealRoseanne/status/199670250814443520

Sure, he’s ignoring her tweets and doesn’t even follow her on Twitter, but this thing is happening! The announcement was met with enthusiasm by Roseanne’s supporters.!/PeaceIsUponUs/status/199678460040462336!/augustwest333/status/199737191411355648!/SmilinSweetNess/status/199737831944491008!/HUMANWINE/status/199738699481743360!/temorolls/status/199742920084033536!/greenbayluby/status/199765020173799424!/seneca931/status/199804538092396545

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