President Obama and François Hollande are totes going to be besties. Kinda like Meghan McCain and Sandra Fluke.

When Obama called to congratulate the French president-elect, he invited him to visit the White House later this month for a lefty gab-fest. They can stay up late reading Marx and Engels while mocking austerity measures and fiscal restraint. Oh, and they’ll have to gossip about Stinky Sarkozy. Good times!

The Twitterverse noted the budding friendship.!/toddstarnes/status/199475652561350657!/CnservativePunk/status/199495732699467776!/AHMalcolm/status/199482245076090880!/toddschnitt/status/199314633717334016!/DadofSpecialTwo/status/199457900882702337!/DanAndros/status/199479072307417088

Some Twitter users wondered if Hollande would bring his wife along. Why? Oh, no reason:!/Snarky_Basterd/status/199475847420325888!/stephenmengland/status/199452149325905920!/nikkibama/status/199311390022975488