Ann Romney tried to tell us there was a “wild and crazy man inside” Mitt. How wild and crazy? He was once arrested for—gasp!—disorderly boating. Campaign ovah!

Golly, we hope the presumptive GOP nominee wasn’t handcuffed too soon after indulging in his favorite vice: low-fat chocolate milk. Because that would be outta control!!/MelloMcGee/status/199496811814203392

Lefties are going to have a tough time making hay out of this one:!/Gwindybrown/status/199520124707930112!/thegarance/status/199497091674939392!/Brand_Allen/status/199495085367373825

But that doesn’t mean they won’t try:!/sallykohn/status/199497808909316097!/jamijturner/status/199534782470823936

Yawn. The Daily Kos is calling this incident a “bit of dark anarchist history” in Romney’s past. Anyone smell that? It’s the sweet scent of desperation (mixed with a liberal helping of cuckoo pants).!/suryasays/status/199503893296709633

Political gold? Yeah, no. If anything, Romney’s arrest makes him more likeable.!/Jorge3532/status/199525475402522625!/timhamilton47/status/199509321086808064

Mitt Romney’s not a stick-in-the-mud. He’s you.