The Twitterverse is apoplectic over a recently excavated MySpace profile reportedly used by George Zimmerman as recently as—gasp!—2005. The long abandoned profile includes disparaging comments about Mexicans and Zimmerman’s ex-fiance.

And you know what that means? Guilty!!/LaTeshiaB/status/197347007894003712

So, the social media accounts used by Trayvon Martin shortly before his death are irrelevant and off-limits, but we should convict Zimmerman of murder based on some ugly language posted on a 7-year-old MySpace account? Gotcha.

Benjamin Crump, the attorney for Trayvon Martin’s family, is using the MySpace postings to bolster his argument that Zimmerman is a racist.

Others in the anti-Zimmerman mob see the MySpace postings as proof that he is an inauthentic or self-loathing Hispanic:

Sound familiar? “Self-hating” and similar jabs are favored by leftists as a means of discrediting and punishing racial minorities, gays, women, and anyone else who disrupts their narratives.

Is Zimmerman a bigot?

The remarks on his MySpace profile are certainly troubling. But they’re also 7 years old. Note how that detail is lost on those who refuse to question Zimmerman’s guilt:!/lhammock/status/197521593302388736

In the pursuit of justice, it’s more than fair to look at information that might speak to Zimmerman’s character. But distorting that information and not holding others to the same standard perverts the very idea of justice.