News you can use, courtesy of Reuters:!/Reuters/status/197449728726798337

An hour later:!/Reuters/status/197466685807132672

And now you know. Kinda. Sorta.

This isn’t so much news as it is a “Choose Your Own Adventure” novel. Want the Occupy Wall Street protest to be a failure? Turn to page 8. Hoping Occupiers swarmed Manhattan to eat the rich? Turn to page 23. Looking for facts? Turn to … another news source.

Is Reuters straddling the fence here or did the news bureau change its tune following pushback from Occupy sympathizers?!/mtracey/status/197455844084957184!/MatthewWells/status/197459801192669186!/ShaunKHarrison/status/197460789832069120!/kgosztola/status/197460793061687298!/Get_Confused/status/197462668049780736!/asteris/status/197462953816104960!/SuicideGirls/status/197465477566566400

Whatever prompted the flip-flop, it looks like Reuters is the dud here.