Pick any trending hashtag and you’re likely to find a tsunami of scantily clad pornbots and default egg avatars cluttering the stream with pitches for Viagra and links to virus-laden sites.



The spam team at Twitter can’t (or won’t) keep up with the digital litter that fouls up our timelines, but when conservative activists like Chris Loesch are reported as spam in an organized liberal offensive, their accounts go poof.

Handling the liberal mob should not be an insurmountable task for the Twitter tech team:


So why is this an issue? Conservatives who have had their accounts suspended without violating the Twitter Terms of Service deserve an answer.

Lefties like Spike Lee and Roseanne Barr who violate Twitter policy continue to tweet. The @KillZimmerman account remained online for days and other Twitter users who called for the lynching of George Zimmerman are still active despite being brought to the attention of Twitter support. Meanwhile, Chris Loesch and other conservative activists struggle to keep their accounts active, even though their only threat is to false liberal narratives.

Loesch’s Twitter account is back for now, thanks in part to supporters who backed the effort to get his account reinstated with the #FreeChrisLoesch and #FreeChrisLoeschAGAIN hashtags.


But what of the suspended Twitter users with smaller platforms? Will they remain silenced by Twitter’s inability or unwillingness to deal with the leftist mob?

For now, enjoy the adult-themed spam in otherwise G-rated hashtags. Twitter’s spam team has more important work to do, like suspending conservatives who speak up.

Update: Twitter says all accounts mentioned last night on Twitchy have been reinstated: