Someone who burned through her 15 minutes by demanding free contraception is now peddling one of the Democrats’ pet subsidies? We didn’t see that one coming. Noooo siree.

This time Fluke is pushing legislation that would extend low student loan rates. Sure, the bill isn’t paid for and would continue inflating education costs and conveniently line the pockets of liberal academia. But shut up! Why do you hate adult children?

This week the hashtag of choice is #DontDoubleMyRate. But coming soon to a Twitter timeline near you: the GOP #WarOnStudents.

Related: Obama didn’t bother leaving the campaign trail in 2007 to vote for the original bill:

Now that Obama is trying to secure the youth vote and more than half of recent college graduates are jobless or underemployed, freezing student loan rates is a lot more important to him, huh?

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