As news of Dog Meat-gate was ruining the nation’s appetites Tuesday night, Talking Points Memo editor and publisher Josh Marshall decided to weigh in.!/joshtpm/status/192440676120666113

Ohhhh, of course. We’d be completely familiar with that right-wing meme … if it actually existed. But of course, when liberals have no valid argument, they try to distract by trotting out absurd claims like “wingnutty wingnuts all think the president is a sekrit Moooooslim!!11!!1!”

Conservatives pushed back immediately, calling Marshall out for inserting religion into the discussion. They also took him to task for attributing anti-Muslim motives to people having a little fun with the #obamadogrecipes hashtag.!/RBPundit/status/192441993861931008!/DavidSPJM/status/192449338352476160!/TimTurnstone/status/192452994799910914!/dblloyd74656/status/192450141129687046!/derekahunter/status/192449633744715776!/RBPundit/status/192449059800358913

So when will we see a retraction or apology?!/mamaswati/status/192576593468735488

Yeah, we won’t hold our breath. For the Left, it’s more important to promote false and ludicrous caricatures of conservatives than to tell—what do those wingnuts call it?—the truth.