This one was quite a nail-biter. It’s not like the GOP already has a presumptive nominee or anything.

So why now? Speaker Boehner answered that question at a press conference today.!/Nicronon/status/192279064252387329

Really, he said that. A rousing endorsement if we ever heard one.!/TIMEPolitics/status/192277771337220096!/LukeRussert/status/192256796323364864

One person speculated tears may have been involved in the endorsement:!/yourdamnnews/status/192278006016909312

In related news, former GOP candidate Herman Cain just wants to get the show on the road and now acknowledges that the candidate he endorsed, Newt Gingrich, can’t win the nomination.!/RonnyRaygun/status/192278583505457152

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