The Madison City Council voted unanimously to support a resolution thanking local Occupiers for their creativity and code of conduct. Oh, and for not calling the police too frequently.

Model citizens, those Occupiers. We should all live responsibly in tent cities that violate public health and safety conditions. Funny, the resolution didn’t thank Occupy Madison for the public masturbation.

Here are some choice snippets from the Madison City Council’s expression of gratitude (PDF):

WHEREAS, Occupy Madison has developed a creative response to the growing poverty and homelessness caused by the economic crisis; and

WHEREAS, at Occupy Madison, formerly homeless persons run the encampment, have developed a code of conduct and have been able to deal with personal conflicts without the use of force or the need for frequent calls to Madison police, and

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED that the City of Madison thanks the residents of Occupy Madison for showing us a successful model of self-organizing and welcomes them to the ongoing community efforts to address poverty and homelessness.

The Dane County GOP sums it up:!/danerepublicans/status/190077668815929345

Occupiers in Madison are now moving on to another Righteous Struggle™ to avoid being tossed out of their encampment:!/annelyttle/status/189876445999415298