Surprise! Alec Baldwin is worked up about something. What has him in a froth this time? A harsh pair of columns by New York Post writer Andrea Peyser.

On Tuesday, Peyser called the actor a “bloviating blowhard, known to be brutal to flight attendants, airplane bathroom stalls, and terrified minor children” in a column on the arrest of Baldwin’s alleged stalker. Naturally, he responded on Twitter:

This morning she followed up with “Swoon! Sigh! I’m a sucker for a man full of Twit.”

Alec Baldwin — my life. My love. My soul mate.

My supersized forbidden fruit!

With passion such as this emanating from every last sweaty orifice of dear Alec’s being, how could I not be completely smitten at the sight of him? I cough. I tremble.

The thin-skinned Baldwin didn’t appreciate Peyser’s snark.

To be honest, we’re just surprised he didn’t call her a “rude, thoughtless little pig.” Apparently he reserves that particular term of endearment for close blood relatives like his daughter.

Baldwin was also in a snit about reporters trying to interview him about the stalking case.

Gosh, it’s almost like reporters try to report for a living. The nerve!

We’ll be keeping some popcorn on hand to enjoy while we watch this spat unfold.