Plans to allow a British intelligence agency to monitor all emails, phone calls, texts, and web activity in the country have sparked a Twitter backlash against Prime Minister David Cameron:!/rogerkimball/status/186780911008882688!/kirstymhall/status/186744156574584832!/Reynolds/status/186678011242872832!/PenLlawen/status/186716634398986240!/PenLlawen/status/186718267962961920!/brummytaff/status/186770534116229120

When reports of the law appeared on Sunday, some tweeters assumed the electronic surveillance proposal was an April Fools’ Day prank:!/TomAndThat/status/186387131927769088!/Aurist/status/186412146979119104

But that hope was dashed after the news was linked by Drudge late Sunday:!/MarkGleaves/status/186727097639768064!/LF_Uncertainly/status/186492972274167808

Concerned citizens are circulating an e-petition asking the British government to ditch the proposed law before it becomes “no different from regimes it criticises such as China and Iran.”!/yahoo_pete/status/186774444784627713