President Obama will be giving his latest speech from the East Room, this time  with a laser-like focus on the “Bush Tax Cuts.” Another day, another speech with the same tired class warfare rhetoric. Pretending to care about the middle class while hiking taxes on job creators.

We really didn’t need a preview of the speech to figure out what would be in it.

This speech is going to feature the Bush tax cuts and the Buffet Rule. Let’s check Obama’s Dictionary and see what he thinks a tax cut is.

Reaction from the Right has been swift and scathing, and the president hasn’t even started giving his speech yet!

Twitchy will monitor reaction to the speech and update with the best tweets.

Amazing! This speech sounds a lot like every other speech the president gives.

How does this offer security to small business owners?

Really?! The president has saved middle class families $3600 per year?

Conservatives are skeptical about this statistic.

Mr. President, you seem to have forgotten something!

Interesting, so the Bush tax cuts weren’t just for the wealthy?!

Liberals’ reaction to this issue was, shall we say, not unexpected.

Anyone want to bet that conservatives aren’t going to wait until after the election to have a debate on the president’s tax policies!