Nothing produces more comedy gold on Twitter than a hashtag game, and this one didn’t disappoint.

No mockery of Democrats is complete without bringing up Rep. Hank Johnson’s (D-Ga.) infamous comment.

Someone had to bring up Fauxcahontas, and we’re glad they did!

When Shoq and his lefty pals show up, you can count on the level of fail to skyrocket. You can also count on the obligatory mention of the evil Koch Brothers.

It looks like Shoq still isn’t going to be correct about anything.

Yes, community organizing is definitely a prestigious profession that produces highly qualified executives!

So anyway, about Tim Geithner and that darn Turbotax. And why do Obama’s aides owe so much in back taxes?

Leftists always seem mystified by capital gains taxes and how they actually work.

And the fait accompli! This is commonly called “projection.” We on the Right aren’t interested in repressing intelligent women or telling them to shut up if they don’t toe the line. On the Left, it is business as usual.

Keep the snark coming, conservatives!