Florida Sen. Marco Rubio (R) posted the following tweet on behalf of businesses and individuals who have suffered financially from the impacts of the coronavirus.

Rubio is expressing a sentiment that is undoubtedly shared by quite a few Americans. What the tweet says is that “people are tired of…”

What the tweet does not say or imply is that Rubio doesn’t care about Americans impacted by the virus. It also does not say or imply that Americans who “are tired of…” don’t care about those affected by the virus. It also does not say or imply that Rubio has the answer that will solve all of the issues caused by the virus, nor does it make some grandiose proposal that will make everything great again. The tweet simply echoes a sentiment.

Nevertheless, the blue-check brigade wasted no time in errantly calling Rubio’s tweet out as an affront to those who have suffered physically or passed away during the pandemic.

Since when does understanding the plight of business owners and hard-working Americans who have been economically affected by the pandemic equate to not taking the virus seriously enough or not empathizing with those who have suffered from it?