As we turn the corner toward 2020, which is expected to begin with an impeachment bang in the Senate, Republican leaders in the House remain furious with how Speaker Nancy Pelosi handled the process of impeaching (or kinda, sorta impeaching) President Trump.

Rep. Steve Scalise (R-Louisiana), who is the House Minority Whip, told ‘Fox News Sunday’s’ Mike Emanuel that Pelosi is essentially holding the impeachment articles hostage.

Scalise threw Democrats’ own accusatory language back at them:

“Every one of their witnesses testified under oath saying there was no crime, saying there was no quid pro quo. Maybe she’s trying to carry out her own quid pro quo by acting as if she’s got some kind of role in the Senate trial.”

Meanwhile, Pelosi is out there saying “the facts are clear” (and on her side, of course).

If they are so clear, what’s the hold up on sending the articles to the other end of the Capitol?

Scalise reminded Pelosi of what house of Congress she serves.

Despite the games played by House Democrats, Scalise has little doubt about the eventual outcome:

“The Senate will have a fair trial, and you’ll see an acquittal. Everybody knows it’s going to end in acquittal.”

Earlier this week, Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz made the point that even though Pelosi is trying to clog things up, the Senate is not obligated under the Constitution to sit and wait for her to make a move.

Whether Pelosi likes it or not, the ball is now in Sen. McConnell’s court. And the next few weeks should be interesting.



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