Presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg says he wants to shut down every single coal plant in the United States within the next ten years if he is elected.

More via the Daily Mail:

He vowed Friday that he would close the country’s 251 coal plants within the next ten years should he become Commander-in-chief.

Bloomberg, a billionaire from New York, failed to mention what would happen to the many Americans whose livelihoods would be cut off due to his plan:

However, he stopped short of revealing how he would help communities severely impacted by such closures.

This is how he phrased his proposal, as he delivered it in Virginia:

During the announcement, he also boasted that he had already ‘helped to close more than half the nation’s dirty coal plants.’

There was another presidential candidate who once said she wanted to put coal miners out of business.

Aside from being heartless and economically-unaware, saying such a thing generally proves to be politically idiotic.


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