The New York Times published a piece on Thursday spotlighting an enthusiasm deficiency surrounding former vice president Joe Biden’s campaign.

The basis for the piece:

The former vice president certainly has devoted fans, in Iowa and around the country, and continues to enjoy good will and respect from Democratic voters.

But the risks of a campaign argument that is heavily reliant on strong poll numbers, which can be fickle in a tumultuous election, were on vivid display throughout Mr. Biden’s trip to Iowa, as voters repeatedly emphasized that their support for him was closely linked to what they perceived as his strength against Mr. Trump.

Biden currently has a 12.8-point national lead and an 8-point Iowa lead, via the RCP average.


Not that we would ever accuse the Times of being biased.

But just assuming that they are reflecting the sentiment of the Left in this piece, what does this say about where Democrats are 15 months from a presidential election?



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