JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon said the biggest problems for businesses in America are “regulation, bureaucracy and stupidity” during an interview with Yahoo! News last week.

You know, the stuff Washington all too often seems to be made of.

“The whole American public knows. Mind-numbing paperwork, red tape, and bureaucracy — it’s making it harder to build homes, to build bridges, to start businesses.”

The CEO noted that it can take years and dozens of permits to repair a broken bridge. “And that’s true for our water, our electrical grids, our bridges, our tunnels, our airports. What the hell’s wrong with this can-do American nation?” Dimon said. “That’s regulation, bureaucracy, and stupidity. And if we don’t fix it, we’re relegated to more years of slow growth.”

Seems like a pretty common sense statement, right?

Apparently not for the esteemed Democrat senator from Massachusetts and presidential candidate, Elizabeth Warren.

Wait, is she disagreeing with him or not?

She says “corruption in Washington” is a problem, which is exactly what Dimon was decrying in his comments.

At any rate, while it seems to be her mission to make financial institutions and their CEOs out to be the ultimate villains of humanity, it really is a stretch for Warren or anyone to find fault with what he said there.

We shouldn’t be surprised at this, though, from a candidate who promises to do away with an entire industry upon becoming president.

She has also threatened executives with “handcuffs and perp walks.”

All because money is eeeevil.

Except hers, of course.



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