During a presidential campaign event in Iowa on Saturday, New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand was given a note from someone about a medical bill for a strep test that cost $603.

She, of course, was indignant.

What health care system do we currently have again?

Oh, that’s right, and how did Sen. Gillibrand vote on Obamacare again?

Oh, that’s right.

Kind of a far cry from this.

And this.

Then again, she knew Obamacare was based on a lie from the get-go, so she said in 2013 (via Washington Times):

“We all knew,” Mrs. Gillibrand said on ABC’s “This Week,” referencing the fact that she and many others were fully aware that Obamacare would result in cancellations.

But wouldn’t dare vote for repealing the disastrous law because Trump and GOP evil!

Yet she’s the one to fix it.