Democrat Rep. Tim Ryan (Ohio) was on “Morning Joe” Friday attempting to explain how he and his party can go about winning back hard working, middle American voters from President Donald Trump in 2020.

“The workers are still suffering,” says Rep. Ryan, who is running for president.

He also said he just can’t understand why his party doesn’t want to “take on” the economy.

Maybe he should read this from February published by none other than NBC:

The U.S. has added 454,000 manufacturing jobs since Trump took office in January 2017, some of the biggest gains in twenty years, according to jobs data.

C’mon, Tim. Even Joe Biden and AOC admit things are really good right now economically.

But there was one thing Ryan said to which Democrats and Speaker Nancy Pelosi should pay attention:

“Everybody does want to talk about (Trump’s) taxes and talk about the Mueller report and everything else. We have got to be very, very disciplined in how we talk about the real problems that people are dealing with every single day.”

Perhaps Rep. Ryan could do a town hall with the voters of Ohio and explain to them why his party wants to do away with the electoral college.