Fox News political analyst Brit Hume has a reminder for those who are demeaning and impugning the credibility and integrity of Attorney General William Barr.

Two words:  Michael Avenatti.

Shall we count the number of times the disgraced lawyer appeared on a Certain News Network?

Remember when he had Brett Kavanaugh dead to rights?

That went well.

And then there were the Democrats who were ready to nominate the guy.

The salivating over Avenatti was real and disgusting.

Now, the same media wants to tell us that William Barr, who has experience in the Justice Department that spans nearly three decades, is not to be trusted.

Because they say so.

Of course, the Left was quick to point out that Michael Avenatti was not the attorney general.

Which misses the entire point of the tweet.

Brit Hume did not make Michael Avenatti into a star.

The Left and the media did.

They gave a sleazy lawyer credibility when he should have had none because it could bring down Trump or Kavanaugh; and now they want to baselessly question William Barr’s credibility, also to bring down Trump.



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