The BBC’s Katty Kay ventured out to suggest something that might not fit into the Left’s narrative.

That is a dangerous action that few if any mainstream media people have emerged from with their tweet-strength still intact.

Here she says Democrats risk looking like sore losers because they just can’t accept that Robert Mueller’s report might actually conclude Donald Trump didn’t collude with Russia.

And whoa did she get trampled for that.

How dare she suggest that Democrats are sore losers, even though they have been desperately trying to blame their 2016 election loss on anything and everything possible!

There is simply no diversity of thought in today’s media.

See, Democrats and the media’s conventional wisdom aren’t the problem.

Katty Kay is.

Shorter media:  We don’t welcome any tweet that isn’t proof that Bill Barr is an evil genius who climbs into the West Wing at 2:30 am each morning to plot with President Trump.

Have any of these “journalists” jumping on Kay with both feet even considered the idea that Barr might actually have represented the Mueller report accurately?