Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin has heard nothing about possible improprieties involving Joe Biden.

Here’s what the Senate minority whip said on “Meet the Press.”

“I can tell you that Joe Biden is a friend and a seasoned veteran when it comes to political campaigns. I know nothing about the allegations that I also read this morning as well.”

He went on to say that one allegation is not “disqualifying.”

Since Biden wants to be president, we need an FBI investigation to get to the bottom of these allegations, like we “needed” with Brett Kavanaugh, right Sen. Durbin?

Kavanaugh’s allegations raised “a serious, serious question about his judicial temperament if he goes to the highest court in the land for a lifetime appointment,” according to Durbin.

These apparently do not.

Then again, he doesn’t know anything about any allegations.

Congrats to Durbin on finally being beamed back down to earth.