House Republican Conference chair Rep. Liz Cheney (Wyoming) was on ‘Meet the Press’ Sunday morning and told host Chuck Todd that the vote on the “hate” resolution last week was an effort to protect Rep. Ilhan Omar, adding that Democrats are now “enabling anti-Semitism.”

After she got through Todd’s gotcha questions about whether she or her party misplayed the resolution vote, they had this exchange about “whataboutism.”

As she points out, how is it “whataboutism” when many in her own party are condemning her?

Actually, what Todd was doing with that argumentative line of “questioning” was the very essence of whataboutism.

And judging by the reaction from the Left, Cheney’s forceful response touched a nerve.

How dare she join with other Democrats in calling out Omar’s anti-Semitism for what it actually is!


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