After a CNN report asserting that the United States State Department is racist under the administration of President Donald Trump, spokesperson Heather Nauert ripped into the allegation, calling it disgusting and false.

At issue are several comments by deputy assistant for refugees and migration Andrew Veprek pushing back against the need to condemn every form of hate speech, especially for terms such as populism and nationalism:

“The drafters say ‘populism and nationalism’ as if these are dirty words,” Veprek wrote of one document. “There are millions of Americans who likely would describe themselves as adhering to these concepts. (Maybe even the President.) So are we looking to here condemn our fellow-citizens, those who pay our salaries?”

Further, Veprek took issue with language in a UN Human Rights Council resolution, which said national leaders have a duty to condemn hate speech. Veprek insisted that “‘duty to condemn’ goes too far. Our public figures can’t be obliged to police every intolerant thought out their (sic) at the risk of being condemned for intolerance themselves.”

An FYI to CNN, the silence is no longer “deafening” from the department, and it is not racist.