Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), who REALLY wants to be your next president, also wants to let you know that she is fighting tirelessly for justice, quality and “our values.”

And what exactly does she consider to be “our values”?

Declaring that “our republic is very much in the balance” because a couple of associates of President Trump’s had a rough week in the legal system.

Whining that Brett Kavanaugh has not been transparent enough, even though he has.

Contrasting President Trump’s border policy that caused the separation of some families with LeBron James opening a public school for at-risk kids.

Accusing others of weaponizing the phrase “identity politics.”

There are other examples, but that gives you a decent idea of Harris’ “values” that she’s defending at all costs.

She definitely wants to get into the 2020 discussion, and with each tweet, she seems to be narrowing down the group of potential supporters.