After nearly two years of collusion discussion and investigation, it’s time to have another important election.

And according to what national security adviser John Bolton told ABC’s Martha Raddatz, interference is to be expected yet again, and this time from a variety of hostile sources.

Bolton’s comments were preceded by a tweet from President Trump on Saturday identifying China as a threat.

In the midst of the constant collusion conversation and allegations against the Trump administration, what have lawmakers done to ensure that the same type of interference doesn’t happen again?

By using sideshows and refusing to investigate and address actual interference in the 2016 presidential election, it may one day be successfully argued that Democrats did meddle in the upcoming midterm elections.

If this is an accurate assessment by Bolton, it is concerning and raises the question whether the Democrats’ interest in the 2016 election is truly about improprieties or just a way to maintain a constant stream of negative news about the Trump administration.

We all, of course, know the answer to that question.