A new CBS poll shows that Democrats are in an increasingly stronger position to win a majority of seats in the House of Representatives from the Republicans in the upcoming November midterm elections.

This is a snapshot of the latest CBS estimate if the election were held today.

As usual with polls that favor Democrats, the CBS analysis indicates that women are going to play an important and perhaps determinative factor in the outcome:

“Democrats appear to be hanging on to Hillary Clinton voters at a slightly greater rate – across these key districts, nearly 9 in 10 Clinton voters tell us they would vote Democratic again. Women undergird Democratic support, picking Democratic over Republican candidates by 12 points. Men prefer Republicans by 8 points, resulting in a big gender gap.”

Cook Political Report editor Amy Walter says the midterm elections will either be a major success for Democrats or they will fall just short of the number needed for a majority.

On the other hand, Fox News contributor and former strategist for the Reagan and George H. W. Bush campaigns Ed Rollins does not see a so-called “blue wave” on the horizon this fall.

One thing we know is that the polls have typically tilted toward Democrats in previous election cycles leading up to the voting.

What we don’t know is whether polling agencies have made adjustments to better reflect Republican support after (for the most part) failing miserably in the 2016 election.