Ohio Gov. John Kasich cannot part with the idea that he would be able to successfully challenge President Donald Trump for the Republican presidential nomination in 2020.

Here’s what he said when asked about a potential run Sunday morning on “Meet the Press” with Chuck Todd.

It is not a surprise that Kasich would say something of this nature, given his highly critical comments of Trump both before he was elected and as president.

During the interview, he also took issue with the Trump administration’s policy at the border that has required the separation of families.

Kasich has a perfect right to criticize the president. Inner-party diversity of thought and disagreements are what set Republicans apart from the lock-step nature of many Democrats.

Casting aside the historical significance and sheer unlikelihood of being successful, if Kasich wants to run for president, it is his prerogative.

But what is teasing a run in 2018 ahead of crucial midterm elections — whether for attention, to intimidate Trump or some other reason — accomplishing for anyone?