New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio unloaded on News Corp. and its efforts during the 2016 election that he says led to Donald Trump becoming president.

He was a guest with Brian Stelter on CNN.

Here’s what he told Stelter:

“There is no Donald Trump without News Corp., I firmly believe that. He never gets to the presidency because he would have never been elevated the way he was consistently for years and years,”

He continued his thoughts post-interview on Twitter.

The mayor of the largest city in the U.S. says a news organization fosters hatred and makes the lives of millions of Americans more painful.

But Trump is a dictator because he says fake news.

Good thing those in the press have an even-keeled response to Trump’s criticisms of the media.

De Blasio also attacked Fox during the interview, and it’s important to note that News Corp. does not currently own the Fox News or Fox Business networks.

Anyone who believes that News Corp. is the reason Trump won the White House was not paying close enough attention.

Where is the Jim Acosta tweet about how harmful this type of comment is to the free exercise of journalism in New York City?

Where is the New York Times editorial decrying the city’s mayor for having such a hostile attitude toward those who cover him?