Ben Shapiro believes President Trump needs to make it clear exactly where he stands regarding placing tariffs on the United States’ trade with other nations.

He suggests a simple abolition of tariffs as an incentive for other humane nations to have the opportunity to do business with the United States, as long as they are also not imposing tariffs.

The issue has been the conflicting trains of thought from the administration.

Here is what the president tweeted about tariffs at the conclusion of the G7 Summit in Canada on Saturday. He made it clear that he is not going to allow other nations to apply large tariffs on trade with the U.S.

Then after reiterating that theme, he fired a shot at Canada and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

When asked about tariffs imposed by the United States on other nations, this is what Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross had to say on the Fox Business Channel.

You can see the point Shapiro is making. Trump wants other nations to eliminate tariffs completely when dealing with the United States, but then threatens or imposes tariffs on nations.