Dana Loesch’s taste in music is apparently a major piece of news.

Paste Magazine obtained a response from Neil Young about some critical comments she has made about his sound.

In response to the “dying cow fart” comment, Young humorously quipped back, “Why doesn’t she just shoot me? You know, I hate to say that because I have kids and I really don’t want anybody to shoot me. I’ve still got to bring up my kids, so don’t take that seriously!”

Actually his “humorous quip” isn’t funny at all, but it’s a nice try by Young and Paste to backdoor slam a proponent of the NRA.

Over the years, Loesch made it clear that she is not a fan of Young’s music, comparing its sound to a “dying cow fart.”

As Twitchy readers know, Loesch is a strong spokesperson and proponent of the NRA. The NRA has come under fire from many directions lately, and Young is suddenly interviewed about the criticism by Loesch.

Interesting timing to say the least.

She isn’t the only one who shares this opinion of Young’s tone.

Neil, do all of us a favor and stick to Rockin’ in the Free World.