Leftist journos are fawning over Ted Koppel telling Sean Hannity that he is “bad for America” on CBS’ “This Morning.”

Koppel was immediately pronounced a hero by exuberant libs.

Whether you like or dislike Hannity, he is a commentator paid to give his conservative opinion. Apparently, that is very threatening to Koppel and the information monopoly that many reporters wish still existed. Michelle Malkin points that out perfectly.

Here is Koppel’s full piece, which went on to explain how the repeal of the Fairness Doctrine gave rise to conservative media.

What that piece and the whole idea of the Fairness Doctrine admits is that no one wants to hear leftwing spin. Right-leaning publishing and broadcasting, on the other hand, have always been very popular. The major news sources have been engaged in biased and distorted reporting for decades. They cannot handle the fact that now there are conservative checks on their work. People like Koppel used to be the exclusive sources for news and commentary, and now there are many . Media bias has been exposed. For anyone who doesn’t want to listen to Hannity, a change of the channel is not a very complex operation.


Malkin also leveled Nicholas Kristof after he carried Koppel’s water.

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