The New York Times will be running an advertisement during tonight’s Oscars broadcast. Here is the ad, focusing on “truth.”

CNN wanted to make sure to cover this ‘historic’ story.

President Trump took a preliminary swipe at the ad this morning.

Republican strategist Rory Cooper takes the ad and its premise apart.

Bingo. It is amazing how many news organizations are just now determining that “truth” is a big deal. This is particularly hypocritical when thinking about how President Obama literally went after members of the media and there was largely silence in response.

Antics like that are exactly why the “fake news” label fits so perfectly and sticks to them. They can’t help but be biased and engage in an all-out assault on everything Trump does.

The election of Donald Trump illustrated the massive credibility gap from which mainstream media outlets, like the New York Times and CNN, are suffering. The lack of trust from the populous has been increasing for decades, but it was accelerated last year with the manner in which Trump was covered on the campaign trail.

The “truth” is that confidence in their product has diminished to basically nothing, and running a television ad will not restore it.