Former Virginia Sen. Jim Webb, who ran for president but was basically run out of the primary because he wasn’t Hillary Clinton, gave his diagnosis of what is ailing the Democratic Party this morning on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

Here are some quotes from Webb’s appearance via The Hill:

Webb said the Democratic Party’s message has “been shaped toward identity politics.”

Webb said the Democrats haven’t done the kind of “self reflection” they needed starting in 2010.

“You’ve lost white working people. You’ve lost flyover land, and you saw in this election what happens when people get frustrated enough that they say, ‘I’m not going to take this,'” he said.

Yet, instead of taking an introspective look at the underlying issues that Webb presents, Democrats will attack him and further disown him. Here is a sample of that.

You are not allowed to have an independent opinion in today’s Democratic Party. You must shill for the cause of the day, even if it means engaging in complete denial of reality.

Kudos to Webb for speaking up.