Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders called President Trump an authoritarian for using the phrase “fake news.” While he failed to deliver a point that actually makes sense, you have to admit that Sen. Sanders is an expert when it comes to authoritarianism. Under the guise of socialism, it has been the ideological framework of his entire political career.

First of all, merely calling a story or report as “fake news” is not an authoritarian action. Beyond that, let’s consider the irony of Sanders, of all people, leveling that claim.

Exactly right. Any person who seriously promotes the idea that the root of all world issues stem from the one percenters is by definition perpetuating fake news. Sen. Sanders does that constantly in order to rally his fringe, leftist base.

It sounds really rich (no pun intended) when Bernie Sanders starts railing against authoritarianism.

Bernie has taken a lot of political beatings lately.