It looks like Connecticut Sen. Chris Murphy might have provided us with the actual reason for the deafening Democratic outrage over President Trump’s executive order.

By introducing this bill, Sen. Murphy is bent on taking valuable Senate debate time away from the consideration of the Trump administration’s major nominees.

The Washington Post reports:

Trump “clearly campaigned on this ban but the fact that he put no thought into how it was drafted or how it would be implemented is incredibly dangerous,” Murphy added.

Given that stance, Murphy said Democrats must now “force a debate” this week on Trump’s orders by slowing the consideration of all of his remaining Cabinet nominees, especially Rex Tillerson, set to serve as the next secretary of state.

Ah, Sen. Murphy, so it’s really not about “American moral leadership”, is it? You and your colleagues are trying any way possible to slow the confirmation process for Trump’s nominees.

Democrats suddenly want to talk about leadership? How about addressing the fact that they are holding major government agencies hostage, including some that are vital to national security.